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typedef Autoencoder< RectifierNeuron, LinearNeuronAutoencoderModel
typedef FFNet< RectifierNeuron, LinearNeuronNetwork


LabeledData< RealVector, unsigned int > createProblem ()
template<class AutoencoderModel >
AutoencoderModel trainAutoencoderModel (UnlabeledData< RealVector > const &data, std::size_t numHidden, double regularisation, std::size_t iterations)
Network unsupervisedPreTraining (UnlabeledData< RealVector > const &data, std::size_t numHidden1, std::size_t numHidden2, std::size_t numOutputs, double regularisation, std::size_t iterations)
int main ()

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◆ createProblem()

LabeledData<RealVector,unsigned int> createProblem ( )

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References shark::random::coinToss(), and shark::random::globalRng.

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◆ unsupervisedPreTraining()

Network unsupervisedPreTraining ( UnlabeledData< RealVector > const &  data,
std::size_t  numHidden1,
std::size_t  numHidden2,
std::size_t  numOutputs,
double  regularisation,
std::size_t  iterations 

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References shark::dataDimension(), and shark::initRandomNormal().

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