Installing Shark

Linux, MacOS, and other Unix-based systems


We are supporting packages for the following platforms:

  • Arch Linux
    • current development version downloadable from AUR as packages shark-ml-atlas-git and shark-ml-git for a shark version with and without ATLAS.
  • More to come!


To install Shark, get the sources from our Downloads page

Then build the library:

mkdir Shark/build/
cd Shark/build
cmake ../


Shark relies on Boost and uses CMake. Furthermore, Shark can make use of different linear algebra libraries. On MacOsX, Accelerate is used by default. On Linux and Windows, ATLAS is used if available. Under Ubuntu, you install all required packages by:

sudo apt-get install cmake cmake-curses-gui libatlas-base-dev libboost-all-dev

Under MacOS using MacPorts, you get the required packages by:

sudo port install boost cmake

CMake Options

The cmake file of Shark has several options. See the following table for a list of options. The default values are bold:

Option Values Effect
BUILD_SHARED_LIBS ON/OFF Builds Shark as shared library
Boost_USE_STATIC_LIBS ON/OFF Searches and uses the static boost libraries, Be aware, that linking static Boost libraries to a dynamic Shark can result in problems during build!
BOOST_ROOT Path Path to boost, if it is not installed in a default path.
ENABLE_ATLAS ON/OFF Enables ATLAS as linear algebra library if found; ignored on MacOSX as Accelerate is favourable
ATLAS_ROOT Path Additional path to search for an ATLAS installation, if ATLAS is not installed in a system path
ATLAS_FULL_LAPACK ON/OFF Indicates whether ATLAS comes with the full LAPACK support
ENABLE_ACCELERATE ON/OFF Enables Accelerate as linear algebra library, only enabled on MacOSX
ENABLE_OPENMP ON/OFF Enables OpenMP support if supported by the platform
BUILD_DOCUMENTATION ON/OFF Builds the documentation, requires doxygen
BUILD_EXAMPLES ON/OFF Builds the examples
BUILD_TESTING ON/OFF Builds the tests
CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE Debug/Release Builds Shark in Debug or Release mode. In debug, the linbrary is called shark_debug
CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX Path /usr/local Installation path for Shark

To change options, either use one of the cmake guis (e.g., ccmake) or add the options to the cmake call. Choosing another path to boost and disabling OpenMP would look like:

cmake "-DBOOST_ROOT=/path/to/boost" "-DENABLE_OPENMP=OFF" ../

An introduction on how to run cmake can be found here.

Windows and Visual Studio


First start by download and installing:

Setting Up Boost

For simplicity, we assume that you installed boost in C:\locale\boost_1.59\. The boost libraries will be located in a subfolder whose name depends on your compiler (e.g. C:\locale\boost_1.59\lib64-msvc-12.0). Next, you need to tell Windows about the location of the binaries as otherwise compilation will work, but running the compiled binaries will not be possible.

For this you go to My Computer>Properties>Advanced>Environment Variables>System Variables>Path>Edit>Variable Value and add ;C:\locale\boost_1.59\lib64-msvc-12.0 (or your equivalent path) to the end.

Installing Shark

  • Download the sources from our Downloads page and unpack them
  • Open the CMake GUI
  • Next to “Where is the source code” set the path to the unpacked Shark location
  • Next to “Where to build the directory” set the path to where you want the Visual Studio project files to be
  • Click on “Add Entry”
  • Add an Entry BOOST_ROOT of type PATH and set it to your boost intall directory (e.g. C:\locale\boost_1.59)
  • Add an Entry BOOST_LIBRARYDIR of type PATH and set it to your boost library directory (e.g. C:\locale\boost_1.59\lib64-msvc-12.0)
  • Set the right Visual Studio compiler and click on Configure (possibly twice) and then on generate