The Image Group

The Image group at DIKU (the department of Computer Science at the University of Copenhagen) is mainly doing research in the fields of Image Processing, Computer Vision, Robotics, Statistics, Computer Graphics, High Performance Computing, and Data Collection.

Faculty Members, Post-Docs, Ph.D. students, etc.

In alphabetic order by first name:
Aasa Feragen
Aasa Feragen, Post Doc, Personal homepage
Adhish Prasoon
Adhish Prasoon, Ph.D. student, Personal homepage
Camilla Jørgensen
Camilla Jørgensen, Project Officer, Personal homepage
Chen Chen
Chen Chen, Ph.D. student, Personal homepage
Christian Igel
Christian Igel, Professor, Personal homepage
Dina Riis Johannessen
Dina Riis Johannessen, Group Secretary, Personal homepage
Francois Lauze
Francois Lauze, Assistant Professor, Personal homepage
Jens Petersen
Jens Petersen, Phd Student, Personal homepage
Jon Sporring
Jon Sporring, Associate Professor, Personal homepage
Joselene Marques
Joselene Marques, PhD student, Personal homepage
Katrine Jensen
Katrine Jensen, Ph.D. student, Personal homepage
Kenny Erleben
Kenny Erleben, Assistant Professor, Personal homepage
Kersten Petersen
Kersten Petersen, Post Doc, Personal homepage
Kim Steenstrup Pedersen
Kim Steenstrup Pedersen, Associate Professor, Personal homepage
Knud Henriksen
Knud Henriksen, Associate Professor, Personal homepage
Konstantin Chernoff
Konstantin Chernoff, Ph.D. student, Personal homepage
Kristoffer Stensbo-Smidt
Kristoffer Stensbo-Smidt, Ph.D. student, Personal homepage
Lars Lau
Lars Lau, Ph.D. student, Personal homepage
Lauge Sørensen
Lauge Sørensen, Post Doc, Personal homepage
Mads Nielsen
Mads Nielsen, Professor, Personal homepage
Mahdieh Khanmohammadi
Mahdieh Khanmohammadi , Ph.D. student, Personal homepage
Nils Mattias Hansson
Nils Mattias Hansson, Post Doc., Personal homepage
Marco Loog
Marco Loog, Associate Professor, Personal homepage
Marleen De Bruijne
Marleen De Bruijne, Associate Professor, Personal homepage
Matthew Liptrot
Matthew Liptrot, Post Doc., Personal homepage
Melanie Ganz
Melanie Ganz, Post Doc, Personal homepage
Nils Mattias Hansson
Nils Mattias Hansson , Post Doc, Personal homepage
Sami Brandt
Sami Brandt, Associate Professor, Personal homepage
Sarah Maria Niebe
Sarah Maria Niebe, Ph.D. student, Personal homepage
Stefan Sommer
Stefan Sommer, Ph.D. student, Personal homepage
Søren Olsen
Søren Olsen, Associate Professor, Personal homepage
Sune Darkner
Sune Darkner, Post Doc, Personal homepage

Affiliated and Former Members

Cristina Manfredotti
Cristina Manfredotti, Post Doc
Sudhakar Tummala
Sudhakar Tummala, Ph.D. student
Gopal Karemore
Gopal Karemore, Ph.D. student
Søren Hauberg
Søren Hauberg, Ph.D. student
Alexandro Crimi
Alexandro Crimi, Ph.D. student
Vladlena Gorbunova
Vladlena Gorbunova, Ph.D. student
Pechin Lo Chien Pau
Pechin Lo Chien Pau, Ph.D. student
Aditya Jayant Tatu
Aditya Jayant Tatu, Ph.D. student
Philippe Bonnet
Philippe Bonnet, Associate Professor
Eric Jul
Eric Jul , Professor Emeritus
Klaus Hansen
Klaus Hansen, Associate Professor
Lars Schjøth
Lars Schjøth, Ph.D. student
Ali Reza Bab-Hadiashar
Ali Reza Bab-Hadiashar, Post-Doc
Mikkel Fisher Christensen
Mikkel Fisher Christensen, Ph.D. student
Ketut Fundana
Ketut Fundana, Ph.D. student
David Gustavsson
David Gustavsson, Ph.D. student
Michael Tillge Lund
Michael Tillge Lund, Ph.D. student
Rabia Line Granlund
Rabia Line Granlund, Research Programmer
Jørgen Sand
Jørgen Sand, Associate Professor
Adrien Bartoli
Adrien Bartoli, Velux Visiting Professor
Arish Asif Qazi
Arish Asif Qazi, Ph.D. student
Peter Johansen
Peter Johansen, Professor
Sune Høgild Keller
Sune Høgild Keller, Ph.D. student
Jenny Folkesson
Jenny Folkesson, Ph.D. student
Jakob Raundahl
Jakob Raundahl, Ph.D. student
Anne Cuzol
Anne Cuzol
Eugenio Iglesias
Eugenio Iglesias
Andre Tischer
Andre Tischer
Arthur E.C. Pece
Arthur E.C. Pece
Kerawit Somchaipeng
Kerawit Somchaipeng
Henrik Dohlmann
Henrik Dohlmann
Bo Markussen
Jens Damgaard
Jens Damgaard
Andreas Thomsen
Andreas Thomsen
Fredrik Bergholm
Joachim Weickert
Joachim Weickert
Jerome Lapuyade
Jerome Lapuyade
Liu Xiaoxia
Liu Xiaoxia
Luc Florack
Luc Florack
Morten Hanehøj
Morten Hanehøj
Niels Holm Olsen
Niels Holm Olsen
Ole Fogh Olsen
Ole Fogh Olsen
Jens Arnspang
Kristoffer Jensen
Kristoffer Jensen
Peter Riber
Peter Riber
Robert Maas
Robert Maas
Robert Stahr
Robert Stahr