shark::AdditiveEpsilonIndicator Struct Reference

Implements the Additive approximation properties of sets. More...

#include <shark/Algorithms/DirectSearch/Operators/Indicators/AdditiveEpsilonIndicator.h>

Public Member Functions

template<typename ParetoFrontType , typename ParetoArchive >
std::size_t leastContributor (ParetoFrontType const &front, ParetoArchive const &) const
 Given a pareto front, returns the index of the point which is the least contributer. More...
template<typename ParetoFrontType , typename ParetoArchive >
std::vector< std::size_t > leastContributors (ParetoFrontType const &front, ParetoArchive const &archive, std::size_t K) const
template<class random >
void init (std::size_t, std::size_t, random &)
template<typename Archive >
void serialize (Archive &, const unsigned int)

Detailed Description

Implements the Additive approximation properties of sets.

The additive approximation measures which value must be subtracted from a reference set until it becomes dominated by a target set.

The implemented least contributor algorithm calculates the point That is approximated best by the remaining points. Thus the reference set is the full set and the target sets all in which one point is removed.

See the following reference for further details:

  • Bringmann, Friedrich, Neumann, Wagner. Approximation-Guided Evolutionary Multi-Objective Optimization. IJCAI '11.

Definition at line 52 of file AdditiveEpsilonIndicator.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ init()

template<class random >
void shark::AdditiveEpsilonIndicator::init ( std::size_t  ,
std::size_t  ,
random &   

Definition at line 93 of file AdditiveEpsilonIndicator.h.

◆ leastContributor()

template<typename ParetoFrontType , typename ParetoArchive >
std::size_t shark::AdditiveEpsilonIndicator::leastContributor ( ParetoFrontType const &  front,
ParetoArchive const &   
) const

Given a pareto front, returns the index of the point which is the least contributer.

The archive has no effect on the volume as the archive is dominating all points in the front

Definition at line 57 of file AdditiveEpsilonIndicator.h.

Referenced by leastContributors().

◆ leastContributors()

template<typename ParetoFrontType , typename ParetoArchive >
std::vector<std::size_t> shark::AdditiveEpsilonIndicator::leastContributors ( ParetoFrontType const &  front,
ParetoArchive const &  archive,
std::size_t  K 
) const

Definition at line 77 of file AdditiveEpsilonIndicator.h.

References leastContributor().

◆ serialize()

template<typename Archive >
void shark::AdditiveEpsilonIndicator::serialize ( Archive &  ,
const unsigned  int 

Definition at line 96 of file AdditiveEpsilonIndicator.h.

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