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Project description

The major emphasis of the project is on statistical modeling of shape with high precision in cases where shape complexity and/or shape variability are larger than what standard methodologies can cope with. The work of the consortium is concentrated on industrial applications in the biomedical area and methodological collaboration between the universities. Thus, the work is organised in three projects:

  • Quantitative Assessment of Osteo-arthritis Progression
  • CT-scanning and Automated Segmentation of Pig Bodies
  • Development and Evaluation of New Shape Modeling Techniques

The outcome in a three year horizon is:

  • Methods for handling non-linear shape variation
  • Methods for handling shape re-parametrization
  • Methods for dealing with thin shapes
  • Accurate modeling of the knee anatomy and
  • Modeling of multi-figure shapes in pigs

Furthermore, quantitative evaluation of methodologies is an essential part of the consortium work. For further information, please consult the original project description.