How to Prepare and Issue a New Shark Release

This tutorial is both a checklist and knowledge preservation list for the developing team, and a general information source on the process of a new Shark release.



Insert sufficiently detailed description of the whole package-making process here.


  • Upgrade copyright notices

Sanity testing

First testing stage:

  • All group members should be able to compile/install on their systems.
  • All Jenkins machines should be sunny.
  • Eliminate as many compiler warnings from all Jenkins build logs as possible.
  • Run the Sphinx link checker.
  • run the makeastyle script
  • Validate all packages as well as the source code package and the documentation package.
  • Invite third-party package testers.

Web presence

  • Upload complete documentation web section onto web server.
  • Upload package files
  • Include a new announcement under “News”, including a changelog if possible.

Online sanity testing

Final testing stage:


  • Write a generic announcement text and distribute on our own mailing lists, plus X