DataDistribution.h File Reference

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class  shark::DataDistribution< InputType >
 A DataDistribution defines an unsupervised learning problem. More...
class  shark::LabeledDataDistribution< InputType, LabelType >
 A LabeledDataDistribution defines a supervised learning problem. More...
class  shark::Chessboard
 "chess board" problem for binary classification More...
class  shark::Wave
 Noisy sinc function: y = sin(x) / x + noise. More...
class  shark::PamiToy
class  shark::CircleInSquare
class  shark::DiagonalWithCircle
class  shark::NormalDistributedPoints
 Generates a set of normally distributed points. More...
class  shark::ImagePatches
 Given a set of images, draws a set of image patches of a given size. More...