Update and install packages at imagediskserver3

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Update and install packages at imagediskserver3

Because of the firewall, we need to proxy ubuntu repositories in order to let imagediskserver3 access them. This is achieved using tsocks.

At all times, an ssh instance should be running on imagediskerver3 acting as proxy server. With the assumption that the current user (you) have an account on ask.diku.dk, use the /usr/local/sbin/start-proxy script to start the proxy server if it is not running. Then run any command that needs to access the internet with 'tsocks' prefixed, i.e. 'tsock cmd' instead of 'cmd'. I have made the following aliases in my ~/.bashrc

  1. alias apt-get="tsocks apt-get"
  2. alias sudo-apt-get="sudo tsocks apt-get"
  3. alias aptitude="tsocks aptitude"
  4. alias sudo-aptitude="sudo tsocks aptitude"

so that I can issue e.g. sudo-aptitude update.

Stefan, 23/5 2012

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