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How To Update List of Publications and FTP Material

The Image group's list of publications [[1]] and list of available material on the ftp-site [[2]] is organized in a single, central BiBTeX file: Billedgruppen.bib. This file is under subversion, and updates are automatically filtered and converted to image.diku.dk. In the following will be assumed that you have the svn command available in a shell, however Windows users may conveniently use the Tortoisesvn program instead, which integrates seamlessly with Windows-explorer.

To work the file you must have an account at image.diku.dk, and you must have a local copy on your own account/machine. If you don't have a local copy on you own machine, then you must first and first time only perform a checkout:

svn co svn+ssh://image.diku.dk/home/image/svn/ImageWeb/publications/bibtex littliste

This will create the local directory littliste. You are of course free to choose a different name for your local directory, and it may be changed afterward by normal operating system renaming commands such as mv. In the following it will be assumed, that you chose littliste.

To edit Billedgruppen.bib you must do the following:

<cd to littliste directory>
svn update
<edit Billedgruppen.bib with e.g. emacs>
svn update
svn commit -m "some short sensable message"

The commit takes normally a few minutes, since several thousands small files are created. You may check the result under image.diku.dk/publications. The web-system makes use of the author name as the sorting and sifting key, so it is important that you use the exact spelling of your complete name as in the remaining entries including LaTeX formatting.

Editing is conviniently done with emacs and the AUCTeX extension, which gives you a menu item "Entry-Types" (Crtl-C Crtl-C, when you are done editing an entry, performs a cleanup). Please remember to check:

  1. The validity of you entry, e.g. by using the Emacs menu item, "BiBTeX-Edit->Operating on Buffer or Region->Validate Entries"
  2. That the publication entry appears according to your intentions under [[3]] etc.

To add a file to the ftp site do the following:

  1. Copy the file to one of the directories in /usr/local/image/ftp/ on a diku machine. /usr/local/image/ftp/README has a description of the intended use of the directories
  2. If you want the material to appear on [[4]], then you must add it to an existing entry or create a new entry in /usr/local/image/doc/littliste/Billedgruppen.bib. An example could be,
  title =	 {Support Vector Machines},
  author =	 {Alec Andreas Lehmberg and Martin Nebelong Olsen and
                  Morten Abildgaard Bentsen},
  howpublished = {Bachelorprojekt},
  month =	 jun,
  year =	 {2005},
  note =         "\url{ftp://ftp.diku.dk/diku/image/publications/lehmberg.050601.pdf}"

The key point is, that the automatic script adds all entries having ftp.diku.dk to the html page under ftp.

Comments and suggestions are welcome, please contact sporring@diku.dk

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