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Subversion Server for the SLAM project

There is a subversion repository for robot development at DIKU. There is anonymous http read acces using:

To work with the code, the first only first time you must make a local copy on your local account via the checkout command:

or if you have an account on, you may log onto your account on a machine which has external access, e.g. tyr, ask, etc.. Write:

  • svn co svn+ssh:// slam/

This should creat a local directory called slam/ on your local account containing the trunk of the repository. Later revisions can be obtained by,

  • cd slam/
  • svn update

To write to the repository, that is "svn commit", you must have an account on, which can be obtained by contacting It is a good idea to setup your ssh-keys for this account, such that you don't have to write your password constantly. Then may enter your revisions into the subversion repository using:

  • svn commit -m "My short description of what I did for the record"

The work recommended workprocess is:

  1. Before you start the days work do:
    • cd slam/
    • svn update
  2. Make your editing and once in a while and definitely when your are done do:
    • svn update
    • svn commit -m "My short description of what I did for the record"

It is strongly recommended not to commit code, which does not compile!

More information on subversion may be found on [1] and []

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