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The SVN Repository

There is a subversion repository for the course. Since you can't be garantied to work on the same laptop twice it is recommended to use the SVN repository to keep track of your code.

To use the repository you need an account on, which can be acquired by contacting Kim Steenstrup Pedersen.

To work with the code, the first time only you must make a local copy on your local account via the checkout command:

svn checkout svn+ssh:// Robot-GROUP_NUMBER/

Where GROUP_NUMBER is the number of your group. You might need to enter your password several times. Please note that you need external access, so from the DIKU UNIX system, you need to work on tyr, ask, etc..

This should create a local directory called Robot-GROUP_NUMBER/ on your local account containing the trunk of the repository. Later revisions can be obtained by,

svn update

Your group code should go into


To write to the repository simply use

svn commit -m "My short description of what I did for the record"

The work recommended workprocess is:

Before you start the days work do:
 svn update
Make your editing and once in a while and definitely when your are done do:
 svn update
 svn commit -m "My short description of what I did for the record"

If you want to add a new file, say myfile, you have to do the following after creating and editing myfile

 svn add myfile

If you want to add a new directory, say mydir, you do it like this

 svn mkdir mydir

If you want to copy example and utility code already in the repository into your group directory, the easiest way to also get it into svn is by doing the following:

 svn copy src dst

where src is the the source files or directory, and dst is the destination, probably Robot-1/ (if you are in group 1).

If you need access to your files, but don't have a SVN client installed, you can use the web frontend at

More information on subversion may be found on and

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