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3DIKU - Install guide. When using Visual Studio .net 2003.

------------------------ |Prerequisite Software | ------------------------

Install DirectX SDK (Current version Dec. 2005)

Setting up Nvidia Cg Toolkit

1) Download Cg Toolkit: Cg 1.4.1 and install

  (We assume you install in standard dirs)

2) The following environment variables CG_BIN_PATH, CG_INC_PATH, CG_LIB_PATH must be created,

  if not already set up by the Cg Toolkit installer.
  Set up environment variables CG_BIN_PATH, CG_INC_PATH, CG_LIB_PATH af follows:
  CG_BIN_PATH = C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\Cg\bin\
  CG_INC_PATH = C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\Cg\include
  CG_LIB_PATH = C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\Cg\lib\

3) Set up Cg directories in Visual Studio (VS red.) af follows:

  Open VS --> Tools --> Options... --> Projects --> VC++ Directories
  Add this path: C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\Cg

Getting BOOST

1) Download boost 1.33.1 and extract the files

2) Add a "BOOST" environment variable to the boost catalog, e.g. c:\Utilities\boost\boost_1_33_1\

  (The last slach '...oost_1_33_1\' is important)

---------------------------- |Installing 3DOT framework | ----------------------------

How to Check out and install

1) Create a catalog without any whitespaces in the path, eg. c:\Programming\3DikuEngine\

2) Create four subcatalogs 3diku, 3dikudata, shared, engineinclude

3) Go in to each of these catalogs and get the repository.

  Using these commands respectively:

  If you wish to have write access, then contact or
  If you have access to engineinclude use,

4) Set up environment variables 3DIKU, 3DIKUDATA, SHARED, ENGINEINCLUDE, that points to each directory respectively.

  Remember the tailing slash.

4.1) Create an environment variable that points to the branch that you are working on, called BRANCH. This path

    must relative to the $(3DIKU) variable, eg. 'trunk\'
  Remember the tailing slash.

5) (Re)Start Visual Studio

6) Add directX sdk to the include path in Visual studio

7) Make sure that the application server project gets the "suberbil.xml" as a commandline argument.

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