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Thanks to Rune C.Kildetoft Andresen for telling us how to do this.

Running Mathematica or Matlab on a Linux Box

First one need to setup a ssh connection to DIKU allowing X11 forwarding, this is done by writting

ssh -C -Y

One should replace the username, spiderman, with ones own username on the DIKU system. Next one should log on to one of the kand machines at DIKU.

besthost kand xterm

If X11 forwarding works a xterm should now popup on ones desktop. At the prompt of the xterm one should now write

mathematica &

Or if one wants to run matlab simply type

matlab &

That is pretty much it.

Fixing Mathematica Fonts

One may see the following error messages when opening Mathematica

spiderman@kand-2> xset:  bad font path element (#307), possible causes are:
      Directory does not exist or has wrong permissions
      Directory missing fonts.dir
      Incorrect font server address or syntax

This is a known problem. The reason for the problem is that Mathematica is looking for the Fonts on the local machine. The solution is to install the Mathematica Fonts locally.

The Fonts is located at DIKUs system in the folder


First one should copy the contents of this folder onto the local machine, this is done easily by writting something like

su -
cd /opt/
mkdir mathfonts
scp -R /opt/mathfonts

Next one should go to the home folder and locate the shell script file (.bashrc),

emacs .bashrc &

and add the lines

xset fp+ /opt/mathfonts/Type1
xset fp+ /opt/mathfonts/BDF
xset fp rehash

to the shell script file. Finally log out and on again. That's it!

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