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Image Laboratory

The Image laboratory has quite a bewilderment of equipment and software, some of it usable by all Image Group students and some of it only available to the Image Group staff. However, if the need arise (projects, Masters, PhD or whatever), this equipment can be made available after a previous agreement with an Image Group supervisor.

The Image Laboratory is located in room S010. Admission to this room requires that you are making a project under supervision of one of the teachers within the Image Group, and that you pass a small course in using the equipment. See [#Practical below] for more information.

Due to the high amount of expensive equipment located in the Image Laboratory, we do require that the door is always kept locked. This implies that one needs a key to gain access to the Laboratory. Before that key is handed out, we require that student have passed a small course in the use of the equipment they are going to use. When there are many different Image courses, it can get crowded in the small room. We have a ultra high-tech reservation system to cope with that. More about that in the rules, see below.

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