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Getting started

More information RSN.


If you want to use the Image Laboratory, you will need to go through a short (30 minutes) introductory course, held by the programmer in the Image Group. A special key to the image-lab can then be obtained after filling in a white application form obtainable from the office of [/places/S211.html Annelise Axen] and paying approximately kr. 250. Please observe that you will need a signature from [/places/S014.html Søren Olsen].

Since there is only a limited number of keys, it may be needed to share a single key within a project group.

After working hours, the Glass Door leading from [/places/M013.html M013] to [/places/S004.html S004] is usually locked. It might be a good idea to request a key to this door also.


In order to record images using the [../cameras/ cameras] and the [../robots/sled robot sled] in the image-lab, you need an account on the unix-machine [../computers/ragnarok.html Ragnarok].

To get an account on a specific machine you need to fill in a green application form from the [/places/S102.html operators office], and have it signed by the teacher.

Equipment course

This course is held by the Image Programmer upon request. This is a requirement for access to the lab and usage of the equipment.

You will learn the following:

  • Always keep the door locked.
  • Clean up after use.
  • Other relevant information.

Reservation system

Our high-tech reservation system is a Mayland leatherbound paper calendar. This calendar is placed in the lab next to Ragnaroks console.

Reservation is done by filling in a time-slot with name, email, equipment usage and other relevant info. Reservation of more than 2 hours at a time demands prior accept from the Image Programmer!

Users with a reservation have first priority to the requested equipment. This can however be overruled by the Image Programmer and VIP's.

In case of conflicts, the Image Programmer have supreme power. If you cannot deal with it between yourselves, the Image Programmer throws everybody out!

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