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(Building Mesos)
(Building Mesos)
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  # Install (***Optional***).
  # Install (***Optional***).
  make install
  sudo make install

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Getting Mesos

Download the lastest version of Mesos and follow the instructions on Mesos getting started.

Our current installation uses Mesos 0.16.0.

Installing the prerequisites

sudo zypper refresh
sudo zypper install java-1_7_0-openjdk-devel
sudo zypper install python-devel
sudo zypper install libcurl-devel
sudo zypper install zlib-devel
sudo zypper install libopenssl-devel
sudo zypper install cyrus-sasl-devel
sudo zypper install autoconf
sudo zypper install libtool
sudo zypper install git


Currently only installed on compute01-diku-image.

Building Mesos

I cloned the source using git

git clone
# Select Java SDK
export JAVA_HOME=/usr/lib64/jvm/java
# Bootstrap (***Skip this if you are not building from git repo***).
# Configure and build.
mkdir build
cd build
make -j 32
# Run test suite.
make -j check
# Install (***Optional***).
sudo make install


# Change into build directory.
$ cd build
# Start mesos master.
$ ./bin/ --ip=
# Start mesos slave.
$ ./bin/ --master=
# Visit the mesos web page.
# Run C++ framework (***Exits after successfully running some tasks.***).
$ ./src/test-framework --master=
# Run Java framework (***Exits after successfully running some tasks.***).
$ ./src/examples/java/test-framework
# Run Python framework (***Exits after successfully running some tasks.***).
$ ./src/examples/python/test-framework
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