Installing NFS on new cluster

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NFS File server installation

The storage servers nfs1 and nfs2 acts as NFS file servers. The NFS server software has been installed on these machines.

Here is how the storage and compute servers has been configured.

Create mount points for NFS directories:

sudo mkdir /image
sudo mkdir /image/data1
sudo mkdir /image/data2
sudo mkdir /image/data3

STATUS: Has been done on all except nfs1

Mounting disks locally


In /etc/fstab add


In /etc/fstab add

/dev/vg0/user_1             /home/SCIENCE    xfs   defaults        1 2
/dev/vg1/user_2             /image/data1     xfs   defaults        1 2

Setting up NFS server

Using YaST2 gui tool for the installation:

sudo /sbin/yast2

Select Network services->NFS server and configure it with:

NFS client installation on compute servers

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