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Maya installation the Image Labs

Maya is installed on most of the image lab computers. However, you may need to establish connection to the license server. This is howto:


  1. Open SSH Secure Shell Client
  2. Click profiles button
  3. Choose add profiles...
  4. Call it ``maya tunnels
  5. Click profiles button again
  6. Choose edit profiles...
  7. In the left pane select the ``maya tunnels profile
  8. Go to the tunneling tab-page
  9. Add two outgoing tunnels
  Name   | Listen Port| Dest Host    | Dest Port | Allow Local 
Connections Only | Type
  Maya 1 |  1711      | |   1711    |              yes 
         | tcp
  Maya 2 |  1706      | |   1706    |              yes 
         | tcp
  1. Go to the Connection tab-page an enter:
  Host name: (or
  User name:  ``leave this blank''
  Port number: 22


  1. Make sure that, you have a license file in c:\flexlm\ which reads
SERVER localhost 0 1711

Maya expects a .dat file, but it is most likely called .lic. Don't worry about that

  1. Then start the program
Start-> Alias -> Maya6.5-> Install License
  1. Choose item "from a file", and point to the lincense file in c:\flexlm\


  1. Open SSH Secure Shell Client
  2. Click profiles button
  3. Choose the ``maya tunnels profile
  4. Enter user name and password
  5. Start Maya and have fun.
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