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How to Reinstall a PC in Image Lab 2

This procedure gives instructions to how a PC in Image Lab 2 is brought back to its initial state, i.e. a reinstallation. Before you begin, remember to have a backup of your and other peoples data on a disconnected media.

To reinstall,

  1. Get the USB harddisk with the image
  2. Connect both USB's from the harddisk to the PC
  3. Turn the PC on
    This should make the PC boot from the USB harddisk. If not, BIAS settings must be changed, which requires a bios password
  4. Press F-lock key on the keyboard to activate the Function Keys (F1-F12).
  5. Press F8 during startup.
    You should now see the bootmenu.
  6. Choose to boot from the USB Drive (probably the last selection on the menu).
    The Ghost-software from the USB-Harddisk should now be started.
  7. Choose "OK"
  8. Choose "Local/Partition/To image"
  9. Choose "Drive 2"
  10. Choose "Partition 1"
  11. Choose "OK"
  12. Choose "Copy image to: Fat drive"
  13. Give the new partition a name and save.
  14. When the program ask, whether the image should be compressed, choose "NO"
  15. Choose "YES"

The image starts to be copied onto the PC harddisk. After approximately 15 minutes the image will be completed.

You are now ready to install other programs such as 3DMax or Adobe Photoshop. To activate the Source software, you must enter the user account printed on the front of the machine, together with our joint password. Likewise, to enable Maya to have access to the FlexLM license manager, you must follow the instructions in ImageLabs_Maya.

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