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Installing Cygwin and Cygwin-X

Download the Cygwin installer from Make sure you select 'xorg-x11-base' package from the 'X11' category during setup to install Cygwin-X. Refer to for more information.

Running Cygwin-X

To run Cygwin-X, go to the directory where you installed Cygwin and look for the 'startxwin.bat' under '\usr\X11R6\bin'. The location of 'startxwin.bat' for a typical Cygwin installation will be at 'C:\cygwin\usr\X11R6\bin\'. Double click on 'startxwin.bat' to fire up Cygwin-X.

Connecting to the DIKU's server (tyr, ask or brok)

There are two ways you can connect to DIKU's server with Cygwin available, one is through Cygwin-X terminal using the 'ssh' command (you'll need to make sure that openssh is installed when you setup Cygwin) and the other is to use the SSH client that you're used to.

Cygwin-X terminal

To use Cygwin-X terminal to login to, for example tyr server, just type in the following command:

 ssh -X

Make sure you include the '-X' (note: uppercase X) option to enable X11 forwarding.

Other SSH client

To use other SSH client, you will need to make sure that your client is capable of X11 forwarding. Putty is an example of a SSH client that support X11 forwarding.

To enable X11 forwarding in Putty, simply load one of your predefined sessions, then got to Connection->SSH->X11. In the dialog box, check the "Enable X11 Forwarding" tick box. Type '' in the text box called "X display location". Below is a figure showing how the dialog box should look like after the changes.

Putty x11 forwarding.JPG

Finally, before moving on to the next step, remember to go back to the session dialog and save your settings.

Connecting to imageserver from DIKU's server

Once you have logged into one of DIKU's server, just type in the following command (imageserver1 is used here as an example):

 ssh -Y username@

The '-Y' option (meant for enabling trusted X11 forwarding) for SSH is very important here.

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