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First step: Accessing the bastion host

First login to our bastion host:

ssh <KU-login>


ssh SCIENCE\\<KU-login>

Substitute <KU-login> with your KU login name. Your password is the same as on KUnet etc. If you want to access ssh-diku-image from the cluster you may need to add SCIENCE\\ in front of your KU login.

New Cluster

User accounts

You need a KU login to get access to this cluster. Ask imsupport to get access rights.

Accessing the cluster servers

From the bastion host you can login to the cluster by doing the following.

Access to the storage servers:

ssh <KU-login>
ssh <KU-login>

Access to the compute servers:

ssh <KU-login>
ssh <KU-login>
ssh <KU-login>
ssh <KU-login>

Substitute <KU-login> with your KU login name. Your password is the same as on KUnet etc.

Old Cluster

User accounts

We have made user accounts for all current members of the image group. Your password is the same as your diku password. However if you do not have an account you should contact an administrator. Currently the administrators are Stefan, Kim and Jon.

Notice that currently if you change your diku password you will not change your cluster password or vice versa.

Accessing the cluster

All access to the cluster is through the bastion host. From that you use ssh to connect to the cluster. Ex. to connect to imagediskserver3 you do.

ssh -Y yourusername@

Your user account home directory is located under /home.

NOTE: Currently the name handling on the diku system is not configured correctly so we can NOT use the cluster machine names from the bastion host, but have to use their IP addresses. On the cluster machines you CAN use the host names instead of the IP addresses.

For your convenience the IP addresses are given below:

# File servers

% IBM blade servers
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