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A lanyard is an accessory that is can be made into any bracelet or tied to any keychain, purse, backpack or other item. Young people routinely produce matching lanyards to express comradeship, support some cause or present college spirit. To customize a lanyard for your college, make it out of craft lace on your school colors.

Trouble: Effortless


things you'll need:

Two 3 to 4-foot lanyard cords or lace on school colors Lanyard hook Scissors Tack

2 Thread the two cords by means of the lanyard hook until they are exactly halfway via. Straight away you have four loose ends to braid.

3 Tack the lanyard hook to a wall for stability.

4 Spread each end about cord apart to view them obviously.

5 Grab the two middle cords also take them together.

6 Loop the cord on the far right underneath the dual in the middle until it comes to touch the cord on the far remaining.

9 Tie some simple knot on the bottom about the twine.

10 Cut off surplus in scissors.

Tips & Warnings

Pin your lanyard to your clothes, wear it whereas jewelry on your neck or wrist, or tie it to your backpack to show school pride.


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