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These days people often believe that internet is a completely way to do business understanding that it really is changing the marketing way also. Easily talk about the reality i quickly would say that, "no it isn't at all." Though it seems new however, not a new way. Instead this is a new medium so that you can start or continue your small business on a larger scale having fewer resources. Fundamentals never change, however, you have to modify these questions new shape to implement online marketing.

Then the best and the cheap way currently available for getting more targeted customers for your site is by using sites that provide Social Bookmark Services. Such websites having large numbers of social bookmarks will get high ranking in search engines easily.

There are a few marketers who are sharp enough to learn these ways and they're making thousands of dollars every week by using Social Bookmark Services.

You will find some SEO sites on the internet which will offer you to submit your site on major Social Bookmark Services. They will give you estimation for the website's social bookmark links and this is not for free. They'll charge a fee for that. Although it seems okay to pay someone for doing your job but the truth is they are charging a lot. Some companies offer 125 Social Bookmark Services at $35 plus some offer 100 Social Bookmark Services at $25. Might be this amount is not a heavy amount to pay though the worst thing is always that these are only one time charges. So employing their services means you are going to pay them hundreds of dollars monthly for Social Bookmark Services. Each and every time you will need some updates with your bookmarks, they will ask you for a fee. So, in this way you will have to cut your arrange for paying these high fees.

Are there any idea about the value of a bookmark at "DIGG" or ""? I'd say that it is nothing round about. You must as well still think that you spend these companies again and again? What direction to go? You can't deny this is such a powerful tool when you're getting traffic to your website. If you are being not using services of these sites it doesn't mean you will probably have to do this by yourself, even though this is the best way to do it but very time intensive.

The best way to do is with automated software that are around on the internet in abundance. Just by getting a little bit information and doing some clicks you are ready to have ranked in search engines and acquire traffic on your website.

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