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Trouble: Moderately Easy


Things You'll Need

Local San Diego wine Basket Basket stuffing Chocolates Crackers Spreads, pates, jellies or caviars Corkscrew Wine stopper Wine labels Local event tickets Cellophane Ribbon Tape Note card Scissors

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What to Gain

2 Get a significant basket as the foundation for your gift--one that's big sufficient to house any bottle or two regarding your chosen wine, plus at least a few additional gifts also trinkets.

3 Choose any cheese for your wine basket that directly enhances your wine choice. For pairing your cheese, smooth, creamy cheeses pair well with white wines, while with sweeter wines, pick out saltier cheeses. The added total-bodied the wine, although, the "stinkier" the cheese to pair for it.

5 Add wine-friendly accessories to your bag, such seeing that wine stoppers, labels, glasses or any designer corkscrew. You might likewise add tickets to local San Diego shows, events or landmarks such as the planet-famous San Diego Zoo.

Assembling Your Gift Basket

1 Place down any layer of stuffing since a solid base within the basket.

2 Put the wine bottle in the center of the basket, through the labels facing ahead.

3 Arrange extra stuffing all over the base of the container, then layer the foods, candies, cookies also crackers around them.

4 Carefully insert the extra touches similar being the corkscrew, tickets, wine labels or other goodies.

5 Wrap the whole basket with cellophane, and connect off the best with a cascade of ribbon.


San Diego Wine Region LoveToKnow: Wine and Cheese Gift Baskets

picnic basket with wine plus glasses image by way of Nikolay Okhitin from

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