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You can type the IP address in your web browser to bypass any blocks or filters.


Ping Method

1 Bring up the "Begin" menu on your computer and click on the "Run" performance. Keep in mind that the ping method may possibly not function if the website you are trying to gain access to is "down."

2 Get into "cmd" (with no quotes), then press "Enter." This will pull the "Command Prompt" window. Enter "ping" (free of quotes), followed by any room also the internet site's name. For illustration, if your are looking for website's IP address, you would get into "ping website" (lacking quotes) If you own done this correctly, you will notice a stream about words and numbers scroll down your screen.

3 Verify for the IP address, which will show up several times. It is some series regarding 4 numbers whose values are between nil plus 255. Each number is separated by any interval.

Online Services

1 Navigate to an IP address lookup site such as Web IP Address or Self SEO (realize Resources) within your web browser. Looking up an IP address online is particularly useful if the ping technique does not work.

2 Type in a web address, or Uniform Resource Locator (URL), into the site's search function and initiate the search.

3 The search results will deliver the site's IP address. You may too obtain geographical information (often expressed from coordinates), since effectively as the site's Internet service provider (ISP).


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Resources web site Self SEO

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