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Soft contact lenses are comfortable and easy to care for.

Taking proper care about your soft contact lenses yous important because it both lengthens their lifespan and protects the fitness regarding your eyes. There are numerous different solutions on the market made to clean and cleanse delicate contact lenses. Consequently, keeping it clean remains relatively simple, but it does haves discipline as it must be done daytime and evening to ensure the lenses are correctly disinfected. In addition to the following instructions, invariably follow any advice out of your optometrist when it comes to caring with your special brand of tender contact lenses.

Difficulty: Easy


Things You'll Want

Turn soap Lint-free towel Saline or multipurpose solution Hydrogen peroxide disinfecting answer Lens situation provided by disinfecting answer Contact lens eye drops Basic contact lens circumstance Enzymatic tablets

Care with Your Delicate Contact Lenses

1 Wash your hands together with soap also clean water also dry them with a clean, lint-free cloth.

2 Location one contact lens in the palm of your turn. Squeeze a few drops of cleaning or multipurpose answer onto the lens. Use a finger away from your additional hand to gently rub the solution back and forth plus within any circular motion on the lens.

3 Make some cup with your palm and squeeze clean saline solution onto the lens so it fills the lens and gathers underneath to entirely rinse the lens.

5 Repeat this cleansing method when you remove your lenses in the evening prior to bed.

6 Open the hydrogen peroxide disinfecting answer and fill both parts of your contact lens case to the marked fill line. (These events often appear in the box with the solution and work specifically with this type of solution.) After rinsing, place the lenses inside the disinfecting solution to shop with the night.

9 Rinse lenses thoroughly with saline answer previous to reinserting from visions.

Suggestions & Warnings

Keep contact lens eye drops for smooth lenses with you during the daytime to block dryness and keep the lenses moist. By no means location solution straight into your vision or never share contact lenses. Always follow all suggestions from your optometrist when it comes to caring for your smooth contact lenses.


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