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It can be some shock to obtain a phone bill along with long-length charges that you didn't make. Whether the calls were made by chatty teenagers or dishonest roommates, there are ways to obstruct your telephone number from as employed to place extended-distance calls. Land-line phone services generally cost a monthly fee to block outgoing lengthy-distance calls, but the fee might be far less than the cost of the calls themselves and the trouble of trying to determine who made the calls. Cell telephones many times occur by any blocking attribute that wants the owner to get into any four-digit code that locks the phone.

Difficulty: Tolerably Easy


1 Check in your phone company about some dial lock feature. You can subscribe over the phone and pay a monthly fee to obtain a unique code that allows only authorized users to location long-range phones.

2 Get into the dial lock certainty code on the keypad and follow the voice prompts.

3 Dial the long-length quantity since you would normally.

4 Lock a cellphone from placing long-distance calls by scrolling from the primary menu to Settings>Security>Lock Code.

6 Transform your lock code to a several four-digit number than the last numbers of your cell phone to prohibit someone from effortlessly hacking your phone.

7 Try contesting phone-bill charges that is you know you did not produce plus ought to not be responsible to paying. Telephone firms will regularly forgive and erase one-spare time charges for reliable buyers who are awake-to-date on their bill. ;

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