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Whether you are switching 3G network carriers, want to send your iPhone off for repairs or are setting up a new phone for the first time, it is important to know the way to properly set up plus use the iPhone's SIM card. It's basic to follow the correct steps with obtaining, changing, installing plus removing the iPhone's SIM card without having bad the card or the iPhone itself.

Trouble: Moderately Effortless


1 Obtain a SIM card for your 3G network carrier if you do not already have particular. Do this from contacting the carrier you want to utilize and signing upwards for exclusive iPhone plan. Inside the United States, On&T has exclusive rights to iPhone plans. Foreign, corporations such as O2 and Vodafone have a variety of plans. Choose one that is yous best suited to your place also needs.

2 Open the SIM card drawer on your iPhone by inserting one unbent paperclip into the small hole on the drawer. On iPhone 3G plus 3GS, this is located on the top regarding the unit, while on iPhone 4, the drawer is located on the suitable-hand side regarding the unit, as you are looking at the screen.

3 Remove the SIM card if you are sending the telephone away to be repaired. Store it in a safe place where it will be defended from moisture plus extreme temperatures.

4 Remove the old SIM card and replace it with a new one if you have switched carriers or otherwise found it required to get some new card.

6 Activate your SIM card by following any instructions bestowed to you by your 3G network carrier. These may vary by means of company, but will most regularly involve connecting your iPhone to your PC , running iTunes also following any prompts that appear on the screen.


Apple: Removing SIM card prior to iPhone repair

Still Credit: SIM card image from Aleksandr Ugorenkov from website ;

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