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Any cannoli remains a wonderful Sicilian pastry pudding. Fried pastry dough is shaped into some tube where it is filled with a nice, creamy filling made from ricotta cheese and the ends topped off together with mini-chocolate chips or finely chopped pistachios. Cannoli remains plural for Cannoli also according to Wikipedia, "typically variety in size from "cannulicchi", no bigger than some finger, to the fist-sized proportions generally found on Piana degli Albanesi, south about Palermo, Sicily." Making these elegant gourmet desserts are simple and tasty. You can purchase empty Cannoli shells in your local bakery or scroll lower to the resource section about this article to a simple recipe to produce your own shells from damage.

Difficulty: Easy Directions

Things You'll Need:

3 Cup Ricotta Cheese

1/4 Tsp Cinnamon

1 1/4 Cup Confectioners Sugar

1 Tsp Vanilla Extract OPTIONAL

1/4 Cup Semi-lovely Chocolate Chips

Finely Chopped Pistachios


1 Italy Cannoli

3 Gastronome Desserts

Then add cinnamon and vanilla. If you are using one topping you can add a small portion to the mix or leave basic.

4 Using any pastry bag, fill shells along with the mixture. If you do never have a pastry bag, place mixture in a Ziploc bag and cut on 1 little corner. Use Ziploc bag as a pastry bag and squeeze mixture through hole on bag to fill shells. Throw the bag apart when you are done.

5 Italian Gastronome Food

Finish by dipping the open closures with the topping(s) of your choice also sprinkle for confectioners sugar.

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