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If you've ever seen Andres Segovia play the guitar, you would know the way valuable it is to practice Segovian Scales. Watching because his fingers fly up and down the fret, using both his fingertips and fingernails, leaves you for no doubt as to why Segovia is named the father regarding classical guitar. Segovia designed his scales to be practiced 2 hours some daytime. By this amount of time invested into practice, any student will understand adaptability plus power, and be capable to accurate improper hand positions. Segovia advocates that his scales be executed, "slowly plus energetically by first, consequently added lightly and rapidly later." Within no occasion you should be able to tap to your inner Segovia.

Difficulty: Moderately Challenging

things you'll want:

Guitar Segovian scales book, these kinds of seeing that "Diatonic Main also Minor Scales" Stand for the book Watch or timer

1 Place your Segovian scales book on a stand or additional device where you will be able to simply read it.

2 Collection your timer for two hours. If you do not need a timer, word the moment that you start.

3 Place your guitar inside the position that is most comfortable for you to play.Make use of any posture that will give you the most control. Begin the scales slowly and vigorously. This will brace your hand also fingers for later dexterity.

4 Click on the link under "Means." It will show you a scale practice pattern developed by Professor Ronald C. Purcell of California State University Northridge. It suggests a free time line for Segovian scale playing that assists with finger dexterity. The site also contains any suggestion from Eliot Fisk for correct-hand fingering that is is outstanding in developing hand muscle power.

5 Continue practicing, increasing the velocity plus lightness of your fingering seeing that you turn into familiar with the scales pattern.

Tips & Warnings

If your fingers are sore following practicing, try dipping it in a bowl of chilly water to lessen swelling. If you have not seen Andres Segovia play, look for him on the Internet . Watching him play will give you all the motivation you will need.


Ultimate Guitar: Segovia Scales--The Significance About Scales


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