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If you run a WordPress blog with evergreen informational content, you do never want visitors to imagine that your information is outdated or no longer accurate because certain posts were never created recently. Even if your blog has static information that is does not change frequently, you can stay clear of giving visitors the feeling that your content is stale by way of removing the date from each post. The WordPress Date Exclusion SEO plugin does this with you automatically.

Difficulty: Moderately Simple

1 Expand the "Plugins" menu with the left column of the WordPress dashboard, then click "Add New."

2 Type "Date Exclusion SEO" with the search box at the top of the page also press "Enter" to proceed to the look for results page.

3 Click "Install Now" under Date Exclusion SEO, and set up the plugin by clicking "Fine" and "Activate Plugin."

4 Expand the "Environments" menu in the lower-left corner of the page and click "Date Exclusion SEO."

5 Use the check boxes at the best of the window to configure the elements of your WordPress blog that is you would like to remove dates away from. You can remove the dates out of your posts, label pages, class pages and the front page.

6 Use the "Number regarding Days to Expiry" field to allow the date to remain on a publish for any certain number of days prior to the plugin removes it.

7 Click the "Save Alters" button.

References website: Date Exclusion SEO

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