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If aging, as it'ssaid is a disease, then wrinkles can be seen as little, improperly healed injuries. Indeed wrinkles are identified by incorrect deposition of collagen and imperfect skin cell layering, which is also seen in healed wounds albeit on a much larger scale. If that is the case could the agents that change the process of wound healing (by minimizing scarformation and improving skin transforming) have a potential to prevent or even reduce wrinkles? Well, possibly. A good example of a wound-healing agent that seems to also have anti-wrinkle potential is the class of compounds called copper peptides.

What precisely are copper peptides and how can they boost skin rejuvenation? Generallyspeaking, they are small pieces of proteins. (And the proteins are the key building blocks of most living tissues.) Certain kinds of them have an ardent affinity for copper, to which they bind very firmly. The resulting compound composedfrom a peptide and a copper atom has become known as a copper peptide.

You might say it's good to have cleanly healed wounds, but what about folk who do not have any injuries to cure? Can copper peptides be helpful for regular skin defence and rejuvenation? It appears that they can. Nevertheless while the wound healing results of copper peptide have been investigated and documented in many studies, much less research has been done so far on their cosmetic and contra-aging use. The available evidence indicated the following potential skin benefits:

Many existing skin protection treatments are based on the idea of removing the outlying or perhaps deeper layers of the skin. The resulting healing process stimulates skin remodeling leading to smoother, fresher looking skin.

Copper peptides are useful against varied forms of skin irritation, mainly due to their anti inflammatory effects. Epidermalirritation, even lacking the presence of open abrasions, significantly accelerates skin ageing by promoting the formation of free radical agents and other poisonous byproducts. Some common skin rejuvenation treatments can beirritating. If during treatment you experience irritated skin for an extended period of time, your skin will probably end up in a worse shape than when you started. In numerous cases, copper peptides can slash the irritation and help maximise treatment benefits.

It is always easier to forestall the damage than to mend it later on. To a significant degree, skin ageing is due to the accumulation of minor day-to-day damage from sun, wind, detergents, acne, abrasions and soon. As these minute punctures heal, they leave microscopic imperfections, which, eventually, collect to become visible symptoms of ageing. While it remains to be further analyzed, it would seem that copper peptides can help minimise the damage from daily damage of the skin. Forinstance, one studydemonstrated that they helped recover skin integrity after exposure to SLS, a standard detergent found in many shampoos, cleansers, and dishwashing/laundry products. Finally, copper peptides are a promising skin treatment with a good safety profile. Their power to improve the healing of numerous sorts of skin incisions is well established. It is probable that they may slow down the development of the indications of skin ageing by limiting the results of daily damage. Also, they may expand the results of the skin rejuvenation treatments based totally on controlled skin injury, for example laser resurfacing, dermabrasion and peels. Also, it seems that certain copper peptide products may lead to rare but major skin damaged in a few cases of over use or unusual sensitivity.

BIOSKINCARE is a natural skin care anti wrinkle cream based on a serum that contains bioavailable copper peptides.

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