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In so very much to do online, why use 'old-fashioned' methods these kinds of as telephones to place an purchase to pizza? Here's how you can order pizza online.

Trouble: Uncomplicated


1 Go online also visit your favorite seek engine similar like Google or Yahoo!.

2 Search for your favorite pizzeria by entering its name with the search box. Alternatively, search to additional pizzerias in your neighborhood via typing the name of your location along with the keyword 'pizza' or 'pizzeria'.

3 View the results displayed and go to some regarding the Web sites. Numerous of the largest pizza chains similar as Pizza Hut plus Domino's give the option about ordering Internet in the United States.

4 Verify out the Internet menus and decide upon your preferred pizza restaurant. Ensure that your preferred restaurant takes online orders.

6 Enter information such as your name, telephone number, street address, email address, username and key.

7 Log in to your account and choose carry-outside or delivery. There may be different menus to carry-out and delivery.

8 Choose the pizza of your choice, toppings, side dishes and drinks out of the menu.

10 Confirm your purchase.

11 Print the confirmation page.

Tips & Warnings

Determine if you can use coupons or vouchers to get discounts on your Internet order. If you have to pay out upfront with your credit card, make certain that is the Web site is encrypted with the SSL 128 touch encryption. 128 bit encrypted Web pages would boast a tiny "lock" icon displayed on the status bar of your browser. Web sites without such encryption are susceptible to hackers.

Principles for online pizza ordering may vary out of restaurant to restaurant. Read the FAQs or assist area on the restaurant Web website to comprehend the implication of these rules.

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