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Unless you've been hiding out for the past couple of years, you will be aware of the social media craze that it sweeping the world. You might not be aware, however, of how you can use it to help your business. has become the key way of interacting and networking with customers, peers and other businesses. You are able to find out what your customers want, how they think you can improve, and gain ideas on how your customers perceive your business. How does it work? Once you have a business account set up with any of these social media outlets, you simply have to spend a lot of time on them. For example, Facebook allows you to make status updates, comment on other users' posts or photos, and interact in a whole lot of ways. Other social media forums allow similar things. Every time you have a new product or idea, you can immediately inform your customers by using the comments or blogging tools. After the initial set up process, you can update with news items, and link to URLs that are relevant. You can now link a lot of these social media platforms to your own website and certain plug ins allow your social media profiles to update immediately when something new happens on your website. But make sure you still log in to interact with your consumers. Come on, does it honestly work? To put it in perspective, one person in every 7 in the whole world now has a Facebook account. If your company uses this website, then you are opening many doors. Thousand of companies now use and it really improves their business. There are even social media experts who can set up and run your platforms for you.

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