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It's uncomplicated to make gift baskets using items out of your garden! The end result is two rewarding for you plus appreciated by your recipient.

Difficulty: Tolerably Uncomplicated Instructions

Kitchen towel (new)

Herbs from your garden

Soften also pour glycerin soap (available at craft stores)

Little, empty goodie bags


markers, pens or computer (to produce labels)

kitchen tools such as knives, cutting boards, goblet measuring cups, spoons

soap molds or anything you can find that would result in any nice soap shape (cupcake tins, small bread pans, etc.)

1 Once you harvest your herbs, hang them in some dry, cool location until they are completely dried. You may in addition dry it in a food dehydrator or in the microwave if you prefer (you might maintain to reveal an article on herb drying within the microwave).

3 Make herb packets: Use your imagination (or study good combinations) to create herb packets. Mix pick herbs together and place 3-4 Tablespoons each in small, clear bags. Create some label for each bag in a title also the ingredients. For instance, one bag may include basil, oregano, thyme and garlic and you can call it "Italian Seasoning". To seal the bags, fold them over until it looks want the right size (that is is upwards to you!) and staple it together.

4 Make Herbal Kitchen Soaps: Melt also pour glycerin soaps are available from craft stores, but you can likewise soften soaps that is you have purchased. They should be fragrance free if you are going to create the latter. Place some soap pieces in a glass measuring cup (I use a 4-cup plan) and microwave until melted. Be indeed to stir in many instances! The soap will look like a liquid while melted. Mix on the herbs you would like to combine and pour into molds. Wait for 30-45 minutes for the soap to set before removing. Numerous nice herbs to employ for soaps are lemon thyme, verbena, chocolate mint, and lavender. You may also add necessary oils to your soaps if desired (accessible at health food stores and certain craft stores). Place your soaps into the distinct bags and label accordingly.

5 Assemble your basket: Place the kitchen towel in the base of your basket with the corners regarding the towel hanging over the edge of the basket. Fill the basket by soaps and herb packets and fold the towel over it.

Tips & Cautions

You can research excellent herb combinations online or simply look on your herb cabinet.

You can also produce spice packets by way of growing or buying peppers also smoking them. In that case, you grind them down into any powder (superb chili powder).

Whilst you soften the soap, it is really hot! Be careful.

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