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If you recently upgraded your iPhone or boast an extra iPhone, you might want to make use of the iPhone without subscribing to a wireless support. You will be able to utilize a Wi-Fi link to entry the Internet plus the only feature that will be disabled on your iPhone remains the ability to make outgoing or receive incoming calls. You will want to activate the telephone in any By&T SIM card, but you will not require to subscribe to any assistance.

Difficulty: Moderately Uncomplicated

Things You'll Need

In&T sim card Paperclip or other SIM-eject tool

1 Energy lower your iPhone. Hold down the "Power" key until the "Slide to power away" arrow appears. Swipe your finger across the arrow to shut the phone down. Wait a few moments to generate sure the telephone is entirely off.

2 Open the iPhone SIM card holder by inserting the paperclip or SIM-eject tool into the small hole at the top of the iPhone. The hole is located to the right of the headphone jack. The SIM card holder will pop out.

3 Put in each At&T SIM card into the SIM card holder. It doesn't experience to be an iPhone-specific SIM card.

4 Location the SIM card holder back inside the iPhone also power on the iPhone once more.

6 Eject the iPhone in clicking the "Eject" button next the iPhone icon in the left pane. Unplug the iPhone away from your computer.

7 Power off the iPhone and remove the SIM card. Power the iPhone again on and employ the iPhone just wish you would use an iPod Touch.


Apple: Using an iPhone without a wireless service plan Apple: Removing SIM card

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