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Any varsity letter refers to a patch a scholar athlete receives to signify his participation in a varsity sport in high school or college. Traditionally, varsity letters are sewn onto the top or back about a varsity jacket so the sportsmen can demonstrate off her accomplishments. You can sew letters onto a jacket with any needle and thread, no sewing machine is required.

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1 Position the varsity letter wherever you need it on the jacket. The conventional placement with a first letter is on the top of the jacket, over the heart. Lay the jacket flat on your work surface and pin the letter in place on the front of the jacket with straight pins, ensuring it yous directly.

2 Thread a needle by strong thread. You'll need a needle designed for heavier fabrics, whereas varsity jackets are generally made about heavy wool.


You Tube: Sewing Basics, The way in which to Sew on some Patch

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