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Difficulty: Moderately Uncomplicated


1 Brainstorm the kinds of sentences consumers might look for when heading to your website. To instance, if you sell plumbing supplies, specific phrases not unlike "3/4 inch PVC pipe" or "plumber's tools" likely have decrease tournament besides wide phrases like "plumbing supplies."

2 Operate a keyword-idea device to come up with new concepts for meta tags. Google's "Keyword Tool," WordTracker's "Free of charge Keyword Suggestions" plus Trellian's "Keyword Finding Tool," for example, can all carry your current keywords and suggest hundreds more, some of which might make excellent additions to your meta tags.

3 Research what tags your competitors' web site use. Unearth a website that ranks large for a seek sentence you not unlike, right-click a blank area on the internet site plus select "Look at Page Resource." Look to the saying <meta name="Keywords" content=" "/> and you will have some good selection of the meta tags that is your competitors use.

4 Pick three or four strong keywords per page and add them to your meta tags. Including too many tags can end result with a search-engine penalty to "keyword stuffing."


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Google Adwords: Keyword Tool WordTracker: Free of charge Keyword Idea Tool Trellian: Free Search Term Idea Tool

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