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Submit your website to search engines to boost traffic.

Submitting your web site's URL to seek out engines will provide any link on the search returns and make a lot more traffic to your web site. Research engine submission can be done by hand or with the employ of any submission tool, and it can be a settled or free support. Three main search engines--Google, Yahoo and Bing--have 95 percent of the traffic because about summer 2010, statements the SEO Consultants web site.

Difficulty: Moderate

1 Prepare the website for submission to the seek out engines with using "do follow" instructions for the robot text and selecting keywords also other seek engine optimization (SEO) tactics, including a 30-day return visit to the site to updates.

2 Submit your website to Google. According to the Search Engine Optimism web site, Google drives about 70 percent of the traffic to most websites, extremely this is the most important submission inside 2010. SEO Consultants indicate Google in nearly 72 percent within June 2010.

3 Use Yahoo's help subjects to select a category to submit your web site to Yahoo. This site call for choosing any class and checking to any website listing before submitting. Yahoo has pertaining to 14 percent of the look for engine market as regarding June 2010, according to Seek Engine Optimism and SEO Consultants.

4 Submit your website to Bing with the use regarding the webmaster tool plus page designed for submission. Bing remains owned by Microsoft and had about 10 percent of the search engine market share in June 2010 reports SEO Consultants. These three search engine submissions insure about 95 percent of the total industry. If you desire to cover most of the remaining market, you may try out a submission service.

5 Use site submission services like I Need Hits, Submit Express and Add Me for automated search submission. These services may find some traffic to your website that the three main search engines miss, but the quantity of additional hits will be minimal. These services usually involve registering an email address and subscription to a newsletter.

Google: Add Your URL to Google Bing: Submit Your Site to Bing Yahoo: Directory Aid Topics Yahoo Help: How Carry out I Add My Site to the Yahoo Directory? Search Engine Brightness: Google Drives 70 Percent of Traffic to Most Websites


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