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Freestanding lace made on exclusive embroidery machine generates bookmarks, suncatchers, insets on towels and clothes, potpourri bags, edgings, doilies, ornaments plus other decorations. Individual bits of freestanding lace can even be sewn collectively to generate bowls also vases.

To create freestanding lace, any embroiderer stitches a specifically digitized embroidery design at once onto water soluble stabilizer. The stitches overlap and assist every other in such any way that when the stabilizer dissolves, a beautiful piece of lace remains. Operate metallic or variegated thread or stitch the design on organza or tulle with specifically surprising results.

Trouble: Tolerably Easy


Things You'll Need

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1 Hoop a piece of heavy-mass or woven water-soluble stabilizer securely. The stabilizer should be taut, though be cautious not to stretch out the stabilizer while hooping. Make guaranteed you are using a sturdy stabilizer that is designed for freestanding lace embroidery.

2 Wind any bobbin with thread that matches the top thread also load the bobbin in the machine.

3 Attach the hoop to the embroidery machine also deliver the design to stitch. Only designs that are specifically digitized for freestanding lace embroidery should be applied.

4 Manually lower and increase the needle to bring the bobbin thread to the top of the stabilizer. Handle the ends of the top and bottom thread out of the way also begin the device. Following any few stitches have sewn, pause the machine and snip the thread tails. This will keep the thread tails from getting caught up in the embroidery. Custom Lanyards.

6 Follow the manufacturer's instructions to dissolve the stabilizer. This commonly involves soaking or rinsing the item from comfortable water.

7 Roll the lace within a towel to squeeze out any excessive water and lay down it flat to waterless. The remnants regarding the stabilizer will act like starch plus make the lace dry somewhat stiff.

Tips & Warnings

Use the smallest ring feasible and work not attempt to stitch more besides one particular design in the ring in a time to avoid stretching and tearing the stabilizer. If the lace unravels, make sure your stabilizer is hooped securely. You may want to make use of two bits of stabilizer or add a piece about organza or tulle to the stabilizer to give the lace extra service. Save scraps of water-soluble stabilizer to be applied like toppers on other tasks. Small scraps can also be dissolved to make spray starch. Operate a small sharp needle while embroidering lace. Adjust the machine's tension so that the best and bottom thread meet in the midst. Only use stabilizer also patterns that is are intended with freestanding embroidery.

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