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Complete Leo's challenge to victory any Zombie Mask. Browsergames.

Difficulty: Easy


1 Bury bones on the ground until "Leo the Gravedigger" shows up. He will ask for aid also teleport you to a graveyard. Talk to Leo until he finishes his dialogue.

2 Click on the mausoleum to receive a message. Store your inventory items in the mausoleum which will work since a deposit.

3 Go to the graves and take the coffins outside regarding them. Hover your mouse over gravestones until you find the one that gives you two options. Select the choice to read the gravestones to demonstrate single about the five possible symbols: miner, farmer, chef, crafter or woodcutter.

4 Open each coffin plus identify the items to match them to the appropriate gravestones. With example, the miner's coffin will boast ore, an apron, and a pickaxe, so place him in the miner's grave. The farmer's coffin will have secateurs and a seed dibber. The chef's coffin will experience any cake, kebab and cook's hat. The crafter's coffin will contain a bowl, pot plus flowerpot. Finally, the woodcutter's coffin will boast an axe and logs.

5 Return to Leo when you finish placing the coffins in their right places. If you possess it wrong, Leo will tell you it remains incorrect. Otherwise, Leo will reward you with one regarding various items to pick from, including the Zombie Mask.


Sal's Realm of Runescape: Random Occasions

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