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Decorations --- namely, flower arrangements --- are typically the most costly element regarding the wedding reception following catering. Also although dramatic table displays will wow your guests with any few minutes, they won't be what your friends will keep in mind about your specific day for long time to occur. Hence don't be afraid to get creative when decorating the reception hall --- you can create a beautiful atmosphere on a budget.

Trouble: Moderate


1 Make simple centerpieces using long twigs or branches (3 to 4 feet huge). Lower the twigs and remove the leaves. Spray paint the twigs in your chosen color and place on a vase for fruit or decorative rocks. Hang beads or crystals on the twigs for added flair. As you can collect fallen twigs also decorative rocks, this is a low-cost alternative to enormous bunches of fresh flowers.

Collected branches may be gathered together to generate a wonderful "wish tree" on which guests hang nicely wishes for the bride and groom. You could utilize this centerpiece to decorate the table that keeps place cards or the guest book. Alternatively, you could hang the place cards out of the tree.

3 Create centerpieces with fruit or artificial flowers instead of fresh flowers. Tiny citrus fruits, including cut or whole lemons or limes plus satsuma oranges, function really well, nonetheless you may be as creative also whimsical as you desire. Just place the fruits in simple vases; to get them to stay underwater, fill the vase with water first, consequently add the fruit. The very same technique works for synthetic flowers --- when submerged with water, they look less fake. You can also blend fruits and artificial flowers for visible balance.

4 Add plenty of lighting to the reception hall. Candles, rope lights or Christmas lights are reasonably priced, except they add plenty of sparkle. Wrap rope lights or Christmas lights from tulle and hang them from the ceiling or string them alongside buffet tables. Group different-sized candles together to create centerpieces.

Tips & Warnings

Your wedding reception decoration ideas may be out of the common. This remains your day, plus you don't own to conform to tradition. You can make centerpieces out about collectibles you already own --- think about the interests and hobbies you share through your future spouse and create a theme all over a single of those, or around an powerful moment away from your courtship.

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"Redbook"; Create a Showy Centerpiece; Crystal Martin

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