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Activate your debit card online.

When you obtain your debit card in the mail from your monetary establishment, you should turn on the card before you can use it. Here are two different ways to activate the card. The initial is to call the phone quantity listed on the sticker affixed to the front of the card. The other remains to go online to activate the card. Activating the debit card online allows you to skip all the electronic prompts about calling the listed quantity.


Debit card Internet entry

1 Open upward your Internet browser. Appear on the front of the debit card. Some removable sticker is over the front, displaying both a phone quantity plus some website. Type the web site address into the URL bar regarding the Internet browser and hit "Enter" to go to the website where you may activate the card.

2 Select "Activate My Card."

3 Type in your name and Sociable Collateral number (if asked) in the new window that opens.

4 Fill with the entire 16-digit debit card number, followed by the date about expiration plus the certainty code listed on the again of the debit card (this is the three-digit code on the suitable about the card again).

5 Select any pin code for the card. This is a code that allows you to withdraw money from your consideration by verifying that you are the account owner.

6 Click "Activate" and the debit card activates online. You can presently start using the debit card.


Sound Credit Union: Online Card Activation

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