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In California, state-sponsored insurance costs change from county to county.

The California Small Cost Car Insurance Plan is a state-sponsored program that provides car liability insurance to good drivers who can demonstrate some financial require. To qualify, candidates have to have a good driving record, and the value of the automobile to be insured can't exceed $20,000. Below the program, the responsibility limits are: $10,000 bodily injury or dying per person; $20,000 bodily injury for each and every accident; and $3,000 property damage per accident.

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1 Examine the online candidate income suitability chart on the California Department about Insurance internet site to visit if you qualify for the low-cost auto insurance plan. According to the chart, a one particular-individual household has an income ceiling of $27,075 annually for illustration, while a pair-person home cannot have any income exceeding $36,425 a year.

2 Verify the online listing of insurance rates. Rates for the state program vary from county to county, so before committing to setting upwards a scheme, you'll need to locate out exactly how much you'll be paying. The website regarding national non-profit AIPSO has a document that ruins lower the amount of the yearly premium per vehicle. The rates vary from $161 per year in Imperial County to $368 annually in Los Angeles County.

3 Take the 11-question test on the Department of Insurance site to see if you're eligible. The questionnaire specify if you match the program's eligibility rules. Questions contain whether you're a California resident, the worth regarding your vehicle, your vehicular accident history and whether your vehicle is employed for small business or business purposes.

4 Discover an insurance agent in your area to arrange up a policy. If you finished the online questionnaire and are deemed eligible, you will be prompted to enter your zip code. Following you undertake consequently, you will be presented with page that has a list regarding insurance factors in your area. The list will include the agents' name, business address and work phone number. You'll have to contact any certified agent on the list in order to employ for the vehicle liability insurance policy. She will help you finished an insurance application, also collect the required deposit plus documents required for this program to obtain you started.


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