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How To Give A Father Of The Groom Speech

You are probably desperate to know what a father of the groom speeches is if you are reading this now. But of course you might also be just searching for that something to spice up your own speech as the father of the groom.

The father of the groom speech is often forgotten as many people tend to think that it is not important. However you should not consider not giving your speech because of that. The father of the groom speech is very important in the sense that the pride's family would expect some kind of a welcome speech from the groom's side.

So the main point to remember while delivering the father of the groom speechis to first give a warm welcome to the pride and perhaps compliment her on how gorgeous she is looking and add how lucky your son is to have married some one as beautiful as her. You will definitely score a point with the pride's family and also make them feel at ease with your warm welcome and compliment.

The next thing you might want to say in the father of the groom speech is something about your son. A funny incident from his childhood will be good if you can add it in the father of the groom speech. You would feel more at ease and the tension in the air would also be cleared. After you make the guests laugh with your son's embarrassing stories, you can mention some good qualities about your son and how proud you are of him today as he has grown into a strong man in the father of the groom speech.

You can add some good advice in the father of the groom speechesand tell your son how to go about his married life. An example appropriate for the occasion can be drawn from your own married life if you are comfortable in the father of the groom speech. Finally finish your father of the groom speech with some humourous lines like " the wife will always sleep on the right side of the bed because she is right even when she is sleeping." The father of the groom speech therefore be not so emotional but have a little bit of humor, emotion and some good advice.

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