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Wiring bow and stern lights will provide safe travel at night.

The bow and stern lights of a boat are intended to deter accidents when operating at night. The bow light remains green on its right part and red on its left part. This aids other boats comprehend what course you are traveling. The stern light remains normally white with color plus can sometimes be mounted on any pole. This remains to generate the gentle plain out of all directions. Wiring the bow and stern lights is any basic procedure once you know wherever to connect the wires.

Difficulty: Moderate


Things You'll Need

Two-conductor insulated wire Wire cutters Cable stripper Butt connectors Pliers Fuse holder Fuse (size determined by means of soft maker) Electrical tape Cable ties

1 Strip 3/8 inch regarding insulation off both conductors inside the insulated wire by wire strippers. Connect the red wire to the red wire from the bow light through a butt connector. These function by inserting some wire in either finish and compressing with pliers.

2 Connect the black wire to the black wire from the bow light with a butt connector. Operate this wire to the driver mounted light switch and cut and strip the wire to length. Wire the stern soft using the method also operate the wire to the identical location.

3 Loosen the terminal screws on the bow and stern light switches. Put in the red wire from the bow light into the top terminal on the bow switch also tighten it down. Put in the red wire away from the stern light into the top terminal on the stern switch and tighten it lower.

4 Cut two 6-inch areas of red wire and strip both ends. Insert one red wire into the remaining terminal with each switch and tighten it down.

5 Strip 3/8 inch of insulation away the conclusion regarding a new section of wire. Link the two red wires out of the switches in the red wire with a butt connector. Connect the black wire from each light to the black cable with any butt connector.

8 Slide the black cable underneath the adverse terminal and tighten it down. Glide the fuse holder's red wire under the positive terminal also tighten it down.

9 Insert the fuse on the fuse holder. Wrap all of the connections in electrical tape also secure the loose wires in wire links.


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