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Soldiers sentenced to more than 6,000 years in Guatemala massacre: how many people do the insurance companies pay not to pay customers bills? how many people do the hospitals and doctors pay to deal with it? Yes. Amazing WET HOT art. you've seen this right? DoD official on how commercial companies like SpaceX can give military strategic advantage in a tight budget when you back in americaville? Definitely going to enter this week's Mamavation blogging carnival healthy

An excellent piece from CBS Sunday Morning about the reframing of Washington Crossing the Delaware AmericanArt... I blame my mispellings on him RT: Tutivillus, a demon of writing and literacy And I am looking forward to it! Kata Clarence Darrow: "Kebebasan itu berasal dari manusia,tidak dari undang-undang atau institusi. " cangkrukan

listening to "Britney Spears - Baby One More Time/Crazy Live 1999 I could basically smell him from across the street but yeah I'd hit that. thanks memories are the only things that dont change; when everybody else does That video is funny The Miz is my fave athlete. Don't make me do the "Mizard of Oz" on ur asses! (I googled that) Francois recommends wearing new electric blue eyeshadow (if you love strong color) with almost no other makeup and clear gloss Renren, China's largest social net & 40% owned by SoftBank Corp, expected to IPO today at 67x 2010 Rev -

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