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The iPod Nano 3rd Generation (3G) is a multimedia conveyable device that not only permits you to play back music and photos, although in addition download plus perform games. Using iTunes---the default iPod management plan---you can download and sync games on your participant quickly and easily. There are accordingly quite a few different games you can choose from, depending on your interests; inside no time, you can begin playing them no issue everywhere you go.

Difficulty: Moderately Easy

1 Link your iPod Nano 3G to the computer using the supplied USB wire, plus launch iTunes if it does not automatically launch.

2 Click your iPod's icon on the left panel about the iTunes program also click "iTunes Store." Look for for the game you want to upload to your competitor and click "Download" once you need found it.

3 Kind your screen name and symbol in iTunes and click "Download" to automatically download the game to the iTunes library.

4 Click your iPod's icon on the left panel and click the "Game" tab. Pick out "Sync Games." Select the game you downloaded and click "Apply" to automatically sync the game to the iPod Nano 3G.

5 Verify the game has been downloaded on the player by choosing the "Extra" option on the iPod. Choose "Games." You ought to see your game listed in this category.


Syncing Games to iPod Nano 3G

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