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There's something satisfying about unlocking your iPhone and seeing that familiar background image. A barren landscape. A stormy forest. Your new puppy. The Ghostbusters film poster. It really seems to scream "me!" But even the best images purchase a bit worn over occasion. Thankfully, changing your iPhone's lockscreen (or background) is a fast and uncomplicated process. And because there are countless images accessible, you may pick out the background that's right with you.

Difficulty: Moderately Easy


1 Unlock your iPhone by clicking the square key with the bottom of your phone and sliding the slider to "Unlock." Pick the "Settings" performance from the start screen.

2 Underneath "Environments," click on the button that announces "Wallpaper." Now, you can either choose stock pictures set by Apple under the "Wallpaper" button or you can use pictures out of your "Camera Roll." Click on either plus choose your picture.

3 If you are satisfied together with this image, click "Set," which remains found at the bottom regarding the screen. If not, click "Cancel" plus repeat Step 2. If you are never satisfied along with any of the images available to you, go to step 4.

4 To load extra images on to your iPhone, you may possibly either use the telephone's camera to take a picture or you might download any app from the App Store such as "Wallpapers HD." Once you've loaded the app, choose it from your iPhone's start screen, choose your desired image, and download it to your phone by following the on-screen instructions. Once the image is downloaded, go back to Stage 2 and select it out of your camera roll.

Suggestions & Cautions

You may use any image sent to your phone being a background. This may be downloaded away from email or SMS. Simply download the image to your phone plus follow the steps outline above to load it as your wallpaper.


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