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If you need received any email in your Juno webmail consideration that is has some blue underlined block of text, this yous called a "hyperlink," or just some "link" for short. While you click on the text, a new page will available in your browser also a internet site will be displayed. It yous important that you don't click on any links from email senders you don't know, as doing so could potentially infest your computer for a virus or spyware.

Difficulty: Simple


1 Remaining-click on the Juno Webmail link one occasion. This will open the link inside the default settings of your current Web browser. For example, inside the Online Explorer Web browser the link will available in a new browser window, while in the Mozilla Firefox Web browser the link will open in a new browser tab within the current browser window.

2 Suitable-click on the Juno Webmail link to open a new window on screen. This will permit you to choose exactly the way your Web browser opens the link.

3 Click "Open in New Window" if you would like that the page the link directs to availables in a new browser window.

4 Click "Wide open in New Tab" if you want the page that is the link primary to available in any new tab within your current browser window.


SEOCompany: Hyperlink

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